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Harmony: Original Timeline - Release!

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Book Cover


Harmony: The First Four Books

MAT, and the crew of the Sadie want nothing more than to take care of their own business, but a pirate attack and an enslaved girl draws them into the conflict between Mars and Earth.

MISAKI, an engineering prodigy and former terrorist, wants honest work, but her mother’s illness sends her into a spiral that might end with the deaths of thousands.

ALEXANDRIA, the head of Apex’s mining conglomerate wants to make a better world for her surviving child, but the U.N. won’t let her.

TETSUYA, a disgraced detective unceremoniously promoted to a desk job, wants justice, but the line between right and wrong is becoming thin.

SHULTZ, the first elected governor of Mars wants what is right for his people, but greed and the machinations of an Orwellian state leader stop him at every turn.

COMPTON, an old soldier wants to ride out his days in quiet, administrative duty until retirement, but Martian terrorists won’t let him.

The Rhine
Year of the Child
A Country Among Countries
Rashomon’s War