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Preliminary draft for the Orwellian political carton in the prologue for Harmony Book 3: A Country Among Countries, by the fabulous artist Wesley Prince … shooting for publication mid-late 2020.

1984 Modi

Whitefield, Northern Denion

The white marble-walled city is the home of the Courts of Denion, and seat of royal authority for the kingdom. Central to Patrin’s story it is the place he first met his future shieldman, Xadik, and his first love, the Lady Lena of Brenit.

Sometime after his merging with otherworldly tech, Patrin was sent across the kingdom carrying correspondences for Galin. This served a two-fold purpose: It established Patrin as Galin’s contact among his supporters, and gave Patrin a bird’s-eye-view of the kingdom. Galin was also waiting for plans to come to fruition in Whitefield before sending Patrin to Lady Elsina, his cousin and a expert in the art of poisons.

In order to gain entry into the Palace, Patrin and Xadik were enrolled in Serin’s academy. In his role as Royal Scribe, Serin used his access to the king to facilitate Patrin’s introduction. In the process, Serin learns that Patrin is a ready learner and has a natural gift as a scribe. And years later, a despondent and depressed Patrin receives a summons from Serin to return to Whitefield and complete his education, with the intent being to replace him as Royal Scribe.

Silva, Northwestern Denion

Silva is the northern most city of Denion proper and a major base for the kingdom’s logging industry. Loggers working the surrounding forests bring their timber to the city’s port to be herded by tug down the Cut, to the Low Lake, and finally to Lordingport.

North of Silva is the border of the County of Boars, a vassal state subdued by Denion. Being a border town, Silva has its share of blond, blue eyed Boarsmen. They are primarily hunters and trappers. The Boarsmen themselves have few logging concerns this far south of their major cities.

Patrick and Xadik stopped in Silva briefly, and discovering Sentinels waiting for them were forced to depart sooner than intended.

Lordingport, Northwestern Denion

Situated on the southeastern shores of the Low Lake, the former capital of Denion is the final destination for the northern logging industry. Denite logging crews on the trail all the way from Silva, float their logs down river, called the Cut, from the High Lake..

Lordingport is also the domain of Lord Marshal Astolin, commander of the city’s garrison, and a central figure in the conspiracy to place Galin back on the throne of the kingdom.

By the end of Greater Things than Thou it is evident that there is a ‘mole’ within the conspiracy, and Patrin becomes increasingly distrustful of Astolin, despite Garret’s assurances that whoever the rat maybe, it’s not him.

In All Things Ruin, while Patrin and Xadik follow the northern logging trail, intent on reaching Valenkept, Garret and Astolin search for the traitor among them..

Emondford, Northwestern Denion

On the northwestern side of The Grandwood and on the banks of the Vis River lies the township of Emondford.  Almost seventy percent of the population is made up of itinerant hunters and trappers.  Merchant caravans carry exotic furs and salted meats south, to the Jewel Cities of Denion’s coast, and some as far as the port cities of the Falias.

Emondford was the site that Baler intended to initiate Patrin into the bloody business of raiding, thieving, and killing.  But, Gil had other plans.  The cruel knife fighter resented Baler for forcing him to ‘care’ for Patrin during those early years, and he saw a chance to vent his anger by murdering Patrin and leaving his body to burn.

Brenit, Northeastern Denion

Several days ride northeast of Whitefield lies the town of Brenit. It is a land of flowing green hills and pastel skies. Further east is the short, heavily wooded mountain range of the Pikes, the boundary between Denion and the Yeoman States.

Brenit is the hereditary domain of Elsina’s maid, Lena, where she is referred to as ‘the young Lady Lena’. Lena’s father, Sir Brenit is famous for breeding horses. Patrin’s steed, Patience, is Brenit bred.

While in Elsina’s care in Whitefield, Patrin was once charged with escorting Lena to Brenit for a family visit that ended in brutal tragedy

Woodpoint, Northern Denion

A small lumber town on the northern edge of the Grandwood, Woodpoint is situated about a day’s ride from Galin’s hidden cabin.  It was a point of interest on Galin’s maps and he was sure to teach Patrin its location and brief history.

No information was irrelevant to Patrin, who would have thought nothing of learning about such an insignificant settlement.  This was in large part due to the setting and ambience that Galin fostered when in Patrin’s company.  Patrin enjoyed his tutelage and never questioned why he was being taught geography and history.

When Galin’s plans later manifest it becomes evident why he taught those particular skills to Patrin.  At sixteen years of age he is sent across the country to deliver special messages to Galin’s supporters and fellow conspirators.  Woodpoint is the first stop along that path.