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Greater Things than Thou

   An orphan is told he is meant for greater things …

   Gray eyes are the mark of those with the Gift: an inherent ability to
connect with otherworldly technology. In a dangerous world filled with
thieves and bloodshed, the Gift can change your entire life.

   Patrin is one such gifted person, and he knows it’s the only reason he’s
alive. As a teenager, rescued from bloodthirsty bandits, Patrin gives his
loyalty to Galin, a deposed Crown Prince, promising to help him seize

   As Galin teaches him about technology, history, and the shifting
moralities of man, Patrin must choose where fate will take him. Galin
intends for him to assassinate the current king, but Patrin does not
know if he can carry out the bloody task.

   With the help of new friends and the beautiful Lady Lena, Patrin will
have to decide between helping one of the few people who have ever
valued him, or forging his own way in a dark and treacherous world.

* * *