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Blood of the Prince Book 2: All Things Ruin

Thursday, December 27, 2018

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All Things Ruin

   In the wake of his failed attempt to kill King Halin, Patrin is ordered north to seek the help of an ally, but the increasingly paranoid and distraught young man wants nothing to do with his former savior, the exiled Prince Galin …

   Suffering from damaged tech, disillusionment and despondency, Patrin and Xadik head west toward Lordingport, where there’s a promise of medicine and new orders from Galin. From Lordingport, they begin a two-and-a-half month journey to Valenkept, traveling through the factionalized collections of warlords and city-states that make up the Boarsland. During their journey, they face constant threats, brutal fights, unforgiving elements and murderous cultists.

   Pushing through the many physical, tech and moral struggles that arise along the way, Patrin grows increasingly paranoid, questioning whether Galin truly cares for him or whether he’s just a tool that the exiled prince is using to retake the throne. At the same time, Xadik’s outlook grows ever more bleak, as he comes to believe that everything eventually falls to ruin.

   Will Patrin and Xadik make it to Valenkept and convince King Arbren to back their new assassination plot? Will they make it home? Is there such a place as home?

* * *

Book Cover

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Greater Things than Thou

   An orphan is told he is meant for greater things …

   Gray eyes are the mark of those with the Gift: an inherent ability to
connect with otherworldly technology. In a dangerous world filled with
thieves and bloodshed, the Gift can change your entire life.

   Patrin is one such gifted person, and he knows it’s the only reason he’s
alive. As a teenager, rescued from bloodthirsty bandits, Patrin gives his
loyalty to Galin, a deposed Crown Prince, promising to help him seize

   As Galin teaches him about technology, history, and the shifting
moralities of man, Patrin must choose where fate will take him. Galin
intends for him to assassinate the current king, but Patrin does not
know if he can carry out the bloody task.

   With the help of new friends and the beautiful Lady Lena, Patrin will
have to decide between helping one of the few people who have ever
valued him, or forging his own way in a dark and treacherous world.

* * *