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Woodpoint, Northern Denion

A small lumber town on the northern edge of the Grandwood, Woodpoint is situated about a day’s ride from Galin’s hidden cabin.  It was a point of interest on Galin’s maps and he was sure to teach Patrin its location and brief history.

No information was irrelevant to Patrin, who would have thought nothing of learning about such an insignificant settlement.  This was in large part due to the setting and ambience that Galin fostered when in Patrin’s company.  Patrin enjoyed his tutelage and never questioned why he was being taught geography and history.

When Galin’s plans later manifest it becomes evident why he taught those particular skills to Patrin.  At sixteen years of age he is sent across the country to deliver special messages to Galin’s supporters and fellow conspirators.  Woodpoint is the first stop along that path.